Daily Archives: November 24, 2015

Craft for Christmas!

christmastreeI often get questions about what are the best Christmas presents for kids, and my answer is very simple: one that you have made yourself!

There are loads of different crafting presents you can make. How about some homemade ornaments for a tree? Or if you can knit, make a scarf, hat of gloves for someone you love. These are always appreciated.

If you have artistic skills, a painting or portrait would be a wonderful idea for a gift.

Those who know how to do woodwork might think of making a natural wood rocking horse as a Christmas present. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift for a child to wake up to on Christmas morning? Or how about a natural wood doll house?

There are so many different options for Christmas crafting projects that they are likely to keep you going all year if you plan ahead. There is no reason to spend money on expensive, plastic gifts that will break after a few months and soon be forgotten.

Craft for Christmas!