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Five Questions To Ask Before Purchasing an Electric Scooter

If you are thinking about getting an electric scooter for seniors, you will have a lot of options to choose from as this is a growing industry and selection is improving every day. Given the wide variety of scooters currently available can make the selection process a bit difficult, and here are five questions you should definitely research and answer before making your final selection.

1) New or used? If making sure your scooter is in pristine shape is important, a new scooter will likely be your best choice. However, there are some great deals to be found on used and reconditioned scooters, and you may want to check Craigslist or a used retailer in your area to see what deals can be found.

2) Is it comfortable? If at all possible, you should try out the scooter model you want to purchase before you buy. Things to consider include how comfortable you find the seating area, amount of leg room and also ease of control.

3) What do other users say? You may also want to check out online reviews of the models you are considering purchasing. Some good, unbiased reviews can be found on and elsewhere.

4) Does it comes with a good warranty? You really need to understand the terms of the warranty for the scooter you are purchasing. Evaluate the coverage for both parts and service.

5) How safe is it? You need to know details like what is the maximum load weight and what safety features are included before you make your purchase.

Also, compare, compare and compare! There are enormous variations in prices even for new models and take your time to find the right deal for you!