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Ideas for my 13 Year Old Upcoming Minnie Mouse Birthday Celebration?

My birthday party is in early January and I’ll be 13. My mom is prepared to do one thing rather massive but not as massive as my 16th will be. For that reason I want to program early but I want to be sure of my theme and to-do listing now. I was thinking Minnie Mouse or Gallagher girls but my mom said it must be a boy-girl party. I then recommended a glow in the dark party but she said she did not want to deal with a bunch of horny teenagers in the dark. I need to have tips for themes and props and stuff… I like the concept of a candy cake that can flip into a bunch of party favors later on. Got something?


Minnie Mouse is both a cute and elegant birthday party idea. I did a lavender Minnie Mouse themed party for my own daughter.